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One of many phrases that individuals are on the lookout for after they search for que is queue a phrase which means line as in We waited within the ticket queue Generally individuals are on the lookout for the homonym cue or a sign to start out or do one thing The lights simply went outthats my cue to start out the film. The printer then pulls the paperwork off the queue separately.

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A sequence of messages or jobs held in non permanent storage awaiting transmission or processing.

What’s the definition of queue. Queue time takes about 90 p.c of complete lead time in most manufacturing organizations. To braid or twist hair right into a queue. That is typically the case in some types of retail taxi queues ATMs and at durations of excessive demand in lots of conditions.

In pc expertise a queue is a sequence of labor objects which are ready to be processed. pronounce queue. French tail queue from Center French from Outdated French cue tail from Latin cauda c┼Źda.

In pc science a queue is a group of entities which are maintained in a sequence and will be modified by the addition of entities at one finish of the sequence and the elimination of entities from the opposite finish of the sequence. Intr typically foll by as much as type or stay in a line whereas ready. Should you go to the shop on a giant sale day there’ll in all probability be a protracted queue on the check-out.

A line of individuals normally standing or in automobiles ready for one thing. A braid of hair normally worn hanging behind the pinnacle. Within the busiest locations bodily limitations and guides are used to funnel folks right into a line as they arrive.

A queue is a linear listing of components through which deletion of a component can happen solely at one finish referred to as the entrance and insertion can happen on the opposite finish which is termed because the rear. The time period entrance and rear are regularly used whereas describing queues in a linked listing. An instance of queue is the road of individuals at a movie show field workplace on the opening night time of a giant hit.

Normally definition queue time additionally contains the time earlier than work that provides worth to a product is carried out. Normally a queue is a line of individuals or issues ready to be dealt with normally in sequential order beginning at first or high of the road or sequence. Verb queues queuing queueing or queued.

On this chapter you’ll cope with the queue as arrays. Exterior the US it means a line of individuals or autos ready their flip so in case your English pal talks about queuing up for the flicks which means getting in line for a ticket. The period of time it takes for an individual sign or factor to be attended to known as queue time.

When a job is shipped to a queue it’s merely added to the listing of jobs. An information construction that consists of a listing of information such that information are added at one finish and faraway from the opposite. Hearken to the audio pronunciation within the Cambridge English Dictionary.

Earlier tie or fasten the hair in a braided pigtail 1777. Computing to rearrange various packages in a predetermined order for accessing by a pc. Transitive sense of organize in or trigger to type a line is by 1928.

See coda American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language Fifth Version. Queue comes from the Latin cauda for tail. A queue is a listing of jobs which are awaiting to be processed.

A queue is a line of issues normally folks. say queue. Pc packages typically work with queues as a technique to order duties.

The definition of a queue is a file or a line. In pc science queuing refers to lining up jobs for a pc or system. Churchill is claimed to have coined Queuetopia 1950 to explain Britain below Labour or Socialist rule.

The place folks type a queue in unpredictable and ranging areas and instructions. For instance if you wish to print various paperwork the working system or a particular print spooler queues the paperwork by putting them in a particular space referred to as a print buffer or print queue. Queue v to face in a line intransitive by 1933 from queue n.

Queued the queries so as of relevance. A ready line particularly of individuals or autos. Lots of people.

For instance when the CPU finishes one computation it is going to course of the following one within the queue. Entry 1 of two 1. Very often folks search for que for coup a phrase that refers to a violent and sudden overthrow or takeover of a authorities studies on the most recent coup try.

To position in a sequence. US and Canadian phrase. A queue is a line of individuals or autos which are ready for one thing.

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