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To place down. A deposition is an announcement made in courtroom.

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The phrase deposition is commonly utilized in a authorized context however a deposition will also be extra like a deposit as within the deposition of sediment on the underside of a lake.

Search for the definition of deposition. The act of eradicating somebody. Coloration with or deposition of pigment particularly. The buildup or laying down of matter by a pure course of because the laying down of sediments in a river or the buildup of mineral deposits in a bodily organ.

The method of fixing from a gasoline to a stable with out passing by way of an intermediate liquid section. The rejection of a person from an workplace Examples of Deposition in a sentence After the deposition of the president the vice-president was requested to steer the nation. Uncountable noun often with complement.

A proper written assertion made or utilized in a legislation courtroom. ˌdɛp əˈzɪʃ ən ˌdi pə- n. Deposition chemistry molecules settling out of an answer.

Acid deposition consists of acidic rain in addition to different types of acidic moist depositionsuch as snow sleet hail and fog or cloud water. Deposition refers to a course of through which supplies reminiscent of rocks and sediments cool down giving rise to particular formations. The state of being deposited.

The way to use redeposition in a sentence. A technique of depositing one thing the deposition and clearance of a metabolic product 2. Deposit deposing the sacrament in a carved recess Francis Berry.

Then that written or recorded deposition can be utilized as proof within the courtroom. Financial institution demand deposits which can be utilized as cash by way of drawing checks. Acid rain – Acid rain – Chemistry of acid deposition.

Thus it appears to be damaging in nature. Erosion is thought to put on off sediments. When a deposition is digested successfully youll discover the next info shortly at a look.

Extra Synonyms of deposition COBUILD Superior English Dictionary. This extract offers you with the definition of deposition with their examples in actual life. Deposition aerosol physics a course of the place aerosol particles set down onto surfaces.

Countable noun A deposition is a proper written assertion made for instance by a witness to a criminal offense which can be utilized in a courtroom of legislation if the witness can’t be current. One thing that’s deposited. A deposition is a chance for understanding the case higher and never solely about getting favorable testimony.

To digest a deposition it signifies that you put together a abstract of the important thing facets of a deposition in order to extract the important details and statements made by a witness. To take away from a throne or different excessive place plotting to depose the king a deposed navy chief. Web page and line variety of the assertion.

Necessary statements made by the witness. A deposition will be made exterior of courtroom too after a criminal offense a witness may give a deposition. The fabric could be checked towards the depositions from different witnesses.

Acid rain is a well-liked expression for the extra scientific time period acid deposition which refers back to the some ways through which acidity can transfer from the environment to Earths floor. A deposition is a proper written assertion made for instance by a witness to a criminal offense which can be utilized in a courtroom of legislation if the witness can’t be current. Deposit beta-amyloid depositions in Alzheimers illness.

The act or technique of depositing. 1 The motion of deposing somebody particularly a monarch. Deposition geology materials reminiscent of sediment being added to a landform.

A press release below oath taken down in writing for use in courtroom. Deposition section transition the method by which a gasoline is remodeled right into a stable. Definition of deposit cash.

An extreme deposition of bodily pigment Examples of pigmentation in a Sentence Latest Examples on the Internet Research authors recommend the darkish pigmentation might have additionally protected the dinosaur from microbial infections. If for instance a witness model of occasions would undermine your case thats one thing youd have to find out about lengthy earlier than trial since very last thing youd need is to be caught off-guard by listening to damaging testimony for the primary time when that witness takes the stand. The jury heard 200 pages of depositions.

The deposition created a emptiness on the varsity board. Redeposition definition is – formation into a brand new accumulation. Medical Definition of deposition 1.

Removing from an workplace or place.

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