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Out of date One who’s overly pious in issues of faith typically hypocritically or else superstitiously so. Not involving combating Attempt to settle a dispute by peaceable means.

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OK however the place does this sturdy and destructive phrase originate.

Child pleasant definition of bigot. A bigoted particular person particularly. A few of the townspeople are bigots who name foreigners horrible names. Largely the individuals opinions are primarily based on prejudice.

Countable noun In case you describe somebody as a bigot you imply that they’re bigoted. An individual who has sturdy unreasonable concepts esp. About race or faith and who thinks anybody who doesn’t have the identical beliefs is incorrect.

Acts or beliefs attribute of a bigot racial bigotry is not going to tolerate bigotry in our group. From The Century Dictionary. Hating or refusing to simply accept the members of a specific group.

Obstinate or illiberal devotion to ones personal opinions and prejudices. The origin of the phrase bigot in English dates again to at the very least 1598 by way of French. Bigot – a prejudiced one who is illiberal of any opinions differing from his personal chauvinist – an individual with a prejudiced perception within the superiority of his or her personal type antifeminist – somebody who doesn’t imagine within the social or financial or political equality of women and men homophobe – an individual who hates or fears gay folks.

The origin of the phrase bigot in English dates again to at the very least 1598 by way of French. A bigot is an individual who’s illiberal of opinions existence or identities which might be totally different from his or her personal. Heres the attention-grabbing half.

Having or displaying a powerful and unfair dislike of different folks concepts and many others. Somebody who’s bigoted has sturdy unreasonable prejudices or opinions and won’t change them even when they’re proved to be incorrect. KidzSearch Protected Wikipedia for Children.

An incorrigible bigot who hasnt entertained a brand new thought in years. Not simply moved to argue or combat a peaceable folks. An individual who strongly and unfairly dislikes different folks concepts and many others.

Children Definition of peaceable. What Does Bigot Imply Precisely. The actions beliefs prejudices and many others of a bigot.

The frame of mind of a bigot overcoming his personal bigotry. One who stubbornly or intolerantly adheres to his or her personal opinions and prejudices. An individual who hates or refuses to simply accept the members of a specific group corresponding to a racial or non secular group.

Bigot plural bigots One who’s narrow-mindedly dedicated to ones personal concepts and teams and illiberal of individuals of differing concepts races genders religions politics and many others. If an individual is illiberal of different concepts races or religions we name that particular person a bigot. A bigot is an individual who’s illiberal of opinions existence or identities which might be totally different from his or her personal.

The intolerance expressed by that bigot known as bigotry. Filled with or having fun with quiet calm or freedom from disturbance. English Language Learners Definition of bigoted disapproving.

Its Origin Includes Cussing A bigot is an individual who’s completely illiberal of any differing creed perception or opinion. Noun One who’s strongly a fan of ones personal group faith race or politics and is illiberal of those that differ. Some etymologists imagine the Previous French model of bigot which implies sanctimonious was utilized by the French to mock the Normans a individuals who lived in France and invaded Britain in 1066.

English Language Learners Definition of bigot disapproving. In English the phrase bigot refers to an individual whose ordinary frame of mind contains an obstinate irrational or unfair intolerance of concepts opinions ethnicities or beliefs that differ from their very own and intolerance of the individuals who maintain them. It began with the sense of non secular hypocrite particularly a lady.

Cussed and full intolerance of any creed perception or opinion that differs from ones personal. One who’s obstinately and zealously connected to an opinion that you just do notentertain Ambrose Bierce The Devils Dictionary. Largely the individuals opinions are primarily based on prejudice.

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