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Additionally profane scoffing on the holy scripture or exposing it to contempt and ridicule1 Maliciously reviling God or faith. ˈblæsfəməs of speech or writing displaying lack of respect to God or to a faith.

Examples Of Blasphemy

Pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton YHVH within the unique now forbidden method as a substitute of utilizing a substitute pronunciation corresponding to Adonai.

Google definition of blasphemy. In English blasphemy denotes any utterance that insults God or Christ or Allah or Muhammed and provides deeply felt offense to their followers. An act of cursing or reviling God. The crime of insulting or displaying contempt or lack of reverence for God or a faith and its doctrines and writings and particularly God as perceived by Christianity and Christian doctrines and writings.

For instance blasphemy could be punished with the demise penalty in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. Irreverence towards one thing thought-about sacred or inviolable. In all circumstances blasphemy within the Outdated Testomony means to insult the distinction of God both by attacking him immediately or mocking him not directly.

In a number of states in the USA and in Britain blasphemy is a prison offense though there have been few prosecution on this century. Duhaimes Canadian legislation dictionary house data. The phrase blasphemy has a really totally different definition at this time than it did in biblical occasions.

Blasphemy – blasphemous language expressing disrespect for God or for one thing sacred discourtesy disrespect – an expression of lack of respect profanity – vulgar or irreverent speech or motion. Dictionarythesaurus house data Enterprise 6 matching dictionaries blasphemy. Blasphemy is usually outlined because the act or offense of talking sacrilegiously about God or sacred issues synonymous with irreverence and disrespect of God or Christ.

Websters New World Legislation Dictionary house data Blasphemy. Authorized Definition of blasphemy. Impious utterance or motion regarding God or sacred issues.

Irreverence swearing cursing indignity to God Extra Synonyms of blasphemy. Seek for blasphemy on Google or Wikipedia. At present blasphemy is outlined as any utterance that insults mocks or is irreverent in the direction of a deity or.

That means of BlasphemyThe following is an previous definition of Blasphemy 1. The act of insulting or displaying contempt or lack of reverence for any religions deity or deities. Thus blasphemy is taken into account the other of reward.

Variable noun You may describe one thing that reveals disrespect for God or a faith as blasphemy. The penalty for blasphemy within the Outdated Testomony was demise by stoning. To talk of or handle with irreverence punished for having blasphemed God.

Some individuals imagine such artwork is blasphemous. Some religions see blasphemy as a spiritual crime. Behaviour or language that’s offensive or reveals an absence of respect for God or faith.

To talk in a method that reveals irreverence for God or one thing sacred. A blasphemy legislation is a legislation prohibiting blasphemy the place blasphemy is the act of insulting or displaying contempt or lack of reverence to a deity or sacred issues or towards one thing thought-about sacred or inviolable. In English blasphemy denotes any utterance that insults God or Christ or Allah or Muhammed and provides deeply felt offense to their followers.

Blasphemy is a novel by Douglas Preston that was launched on January 8 2008. To utter blasphemy blaspheming towards God refuses to blaspheme. Denying the being or windfall of the Almighty or contumelious reproaching of Christ.

Blasphemy is a phrase meaning talking badly a couple of faith or insulting a god. He has acted out each sort of blasphemy together with dressing up because the pope in Rome. He was accused of blasphemy.

Uncountable countable plural blasphemies leap to different outcomes. Revile abuse has been blasphemed greater than he deserves. The act of claiming the attributes of a deity.

ˈblæsfəmi one thing that you just say or do this reveals you don’t respect God or a faith. To be accused of blasphemy figurative humorous Madonna followers assume that any criticism of her is blasphemy. Definition of Blasphemy nice disrespect proven to God or one thing holy Examples of Blasphemy in a sentence Intercourse outdoors of marriage is taken into account by some to be a sin and a type of blasphemy.

Many international locations witha state faith have legal guidelines that make blasphemy a criminal offense. Search accomplished in 0022 seconds.

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