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Synonyms and antonyms are meant to. Enthusiastic ardent devoted keen fanatical fervent impassioned eager passionate.

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An antonym is a phrase adjective verb or expression whose that means is reverse to that of a phrase.

Definition of zealous antonym. An ardent opponent of the conflict. He seemed so zealous to be my championso trustworthy. Youngsters Definition of zealous.

Persevering resolute heartfelt zealous vehement wholehearted. 7 synonyms of zealot from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus plus 43 associated phrases definitions and antonyms. Ardently energetic devoted or diligent.

Enthusiastic ardent devoted keen fanatical Collins American Thesaurus. One who is very or excessively dedicated to a trigger. Apathy disinterestedness halfheartedness indifference lukewarmness perfunctoriness.

Dedicated devoted enthusiastic keen eager avid honest wholehearted hearty earnest vigorous energetic zestful purposeful forceful intense fierce single-minded. Antonyms for zealous embrace apathetic detached unenthusiastic chilly cool lackluster lacklustre languorous listless and low-key. Antonyms Close to Antonyms for zeal.

Discover one other phrase for zealot. Use of synonyms and antonyms. Zealous definition stuffed with characterised by or because of zeal.

He was leaning ahead in his eagerness. 26 synonyms for zealous. Within the sense of fanatical.

Discover extra reverse phrases at. Synonyms for zealous in Free Thesaurus. Enthusiastic passionate earnest burning spirited eager devoted keen militant ardent fanatical fervent impassioned rabid.

The Bacillus of Magnificence by Harriet Stark. Marked by energetic curiosity and enthusiasm synonyms. – Keep away from repetitions in a textual content.

– Enrich a textual content an electronic mail a message. Antonyms are used to precise the alternative of a phrase. Marked by passionate help for an individual trigger or splendid a zealous fan.

Enthusiastic eager keen avid zealous eager as mustard. One other phrase for zealous. Full of or displaying a powerful and energetic want to get one thing performed or see one thing succeed The police have been zealous of their pursuit of the criminals.

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