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The alteration of a plant animal and microorganisms DNA to genetically engineer an organism that may not happen naturally. To furnish as return for effort or funding.

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A facet is the geographical compass path andor solar publicity of a particular area.

Definition of yield geography. The quantity of a useful resource obtained from such a schedule with out depleting the useful resource. Definition – What does Facet imply. Tr to furnish as a return the shares yielded three per cent.

To surrender or over. For instance a ten greenback revenue on a 100 greenback funding represents a ten % yield. As a way to modify for the very totally different sizes of drainage basins the yield continuously is expressed as a quantity or weight per unit space of drainage basineg as acre-feet per sq. mile or as tons per sq. mile or per sq. kilometre.

To surrender or give up oneself. Yield is often calculated by dividing the quantity you obtain yearly in dividends or curiosity by the quantity you spent to purchase the funding. The persevering with provide of a pure useful resource as timber via scheduled harvests to insure substitute by regrowth or replica.

They yielded the fort to the enemy. N Common Physics the stress at which an elastic materials underneath rising stress ceases to behave elastically. A discipline that yields many bushels of corn.

Tr usually foll by as much as give up or relinquish esp because of power persuasion and many others. The quantity or amount produced or returned usually measured as a share of the beginning materials. Specialised farming that happens solely in areas the place the dry-summer wet-winter Mediterranean local weather prevails.

To offer forth or provide a product outcome and many others esp by cultivation labour and many others. For instance a yield in an enzyme preparation is the same as the items of enzyme exercise recovered on the finish of the preparation divided by the whole items noticed within the beginning materials. An funding that yields a excessive return.

To offer as due or required. To offer over possession of as in deference or defeat. The quantity or amount produced or returned yield of wheat per acre.

Yield stress or yield energy. To yield the ground to the senator from Ohio. Farlex Accomplice Medical Dictionary Farlex 2012.

To surrender as to superior energy or authority. Present return from an funding or expenditure as a share of the value of funding or expenditure. A type of subsistence agriculture through which farmers should spend a comparatively great amount of effort to supply the utmost possible yield from a parcel of land.

Within the case of shares yield is the dividend you obtain per share divided by the shares worth per share. Beneath circumstances of tensile energy the elongation is now not proportional to the rise in stress. The equation for % yield is.

Yield contains worth will increase in addition to any dividends paid calculated as the web realized return. Yield is often calculated by dividing the quantity you obtain yearly in dividends or curiosity by the quantity you spent to purchase the funding. Theoretical yield is the quantity of product obtained from the stoichiometric or balanced equation utilizing the limiting reactant to find out product.

Precise yield is the quantity of product obtained from a chemical response. Definition of yield Entry 2 of two 1. Crop yield is a measurement of the quantity of agricultural manufacturing harvestedyield of a cropper unit of land space.

The seasonal migration of livestock between mountain and lowland pastures. One of many improvements from the Inexperienced Revolution. A northern side is cooler than one with a southern side.

AP Human Geography Unit 5 Agriculture and Rural Land-Use Phrases Definition Actual World Instance with clarification Yield A ecological yield that may be eliminated with out decreasing the bottom of capital itself and the excess that’s wanted to maintain natures providers on the identical time or rising degree over time. Yield is the speed of return on an funding expressed as a %. Hold scrolling for extra.

Yield is a return measure for an funding over a set time frame expressed as a share. To offer forth by a pure course of particularly by cultivation. The time period yield is the proportionate price that earnings from an funding bears to the whole value of the funding.

P.c yield precise yieldtheoretical yield x 100. The capability of yielding produce. Within the case of shares yield is the dividend you obtain per share divided by the shares worth per share.

Western Europe California and parts of Chile South Africa and Australia through which numerous specialty crops similar to grapes avocados olives and a number of nuts fruit and veggies comprise worthwhile agricultural operations. This definition was written within the context of Geography. He yielded himself to temptation.

Synonyms Antonyms Select the Proper Synonym Extra Instance Sentences Be taught Extra about yield. Yielded yielding yields vtr. Yield is the speed of return on an funding expressed as a %.

Has led to an enormous improve within the yield and high quality arguably of agricultural merchandise worldwide. Facet can affect the temperature of a selected location. An instance could be fisheries pure capital decreases with extraction however then productiveness will increase and the yield inside the pure capitol along with the manufacturing so the yield.

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