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Yaks dwell primarily within the Himalayan mountains. Or much less generally yack.

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To speak lots about different folks or unimportant issues.

Definition of yak verb. Wodehouse Jeeves within the Offing chapter XI. Additionally yack intransitive casual typically disapproving Verb Types to speak constantly about issues that aren’t very critical or vital She simply saved yakking on. Yak third-person singular easy current yaks current participle yakking easy previous and previous participle yakked slang intransitive To speak significantly informally however persistently.

To chatter or prattle. The time period YAK in Tibetan is used just for the male however in English is normally used for each sexes. Yak Bos grunniens verb massive long-haired wild ox of Tibet typically domesticated.

A yak is a kind of cattle that has lengthy hair and lengthy horns. Yak verb I TALK to speak for a very long time about unimportant issues or with out attaining something Definition of yak from the Cambridge Tutorial Content material Dictionary Cambridge College Press. Vomit I moved to a different carriage on the practice as a result of the primary one was full of individuals yacking on cellphones.

1 a big animal with lengthy hair and horns that comes from Tibet and Central Asia Synonyms and associated phrases Definition and synonyms of yak from the net English dictionary from Macmillan Schooling. Yak yak-yak yakety-yak That means pronunciation translations and examples. Yak yack yakety-yak chatter cackle noun noisy discuss.

Intransitive casual typically disapproving. A big wild animal that has lengthy hair and curved horns and that lives in central Asia. I used to be smellier than a yak and dirtier than the native youngsters fearful that MAD wouldnt permit me house Altitude illness parasites frostbite and being gored by a yak are a few of the causes most individuals favor to journey of their armchairs.

Definition of yak Entry 3 of 4 intransitive verb. To speak lots normally about nothing vital. Abbreviation Yassir Award for Information.

Extra Synonyms of yak. Verb yack third-person singular easy current yacks current participle yacking easy previous and previous participle yacked Different type of yak discuss. Verb to speak in extra normally loudly.

See yak within the Oxford Superior Learners Dictionary Verify pronunciation. A domesticated yak used as a piece animal or raised for meat and milk. Tips on how to pronounce yak audio.

A wild shaggy-haired ox Bos grunniens of the mountains of central Asia. Learners definition of YAK. What an expertise it was.

Yak gab verb discuss profusely she was yakking away about her grandchildren. Verb used with out object yakked yakking. Gossip chat jaw slang sizzling air casual Extra Synonyms of yak.

Casual jabber blabber yatter jaw gab fuel chit-chat yackety-yak British casual rabbit witter waffle natter chunter discuss the hind legs off a donkey North American casual run off on the mouth. To speak particularly uninterruptedly and idly. Synonyms and associated phrases.

Princetons WordNet 000 0 votes Fee this definition. To speak persistently. Yak verb I TALK to speak for a very long time about unimportant issues or with out attaining something Definition of yak from the Cambridge Tutorial Content material Dictionary Cambridge College Press.

Noun The yak is a long-haired bovine animal present in Asia within the Himalayan area and as far north as Mongolia. 2 yak ˈ jæk verb. Theyve been yakking on the cellphone for over an hour.

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