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In Web slang a troll is an individual who begins flame wars or deliberately upsets individuals on the Web. From early seventeenth c quotations slang An unpleasant particular person of both intercourse particularly one in search of sexual experiences.

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Intr British casual to stroll or stroll.

Definition of verb troll. Somebody who leaves an deliberately annoying or offensive message on the web with a purpose to upset somebody or to get consideration or trigger hassle a message that somebody leaves on the web that’s supposed to bother individuals. Troll plural trolls fantasy A supernatural being of various dimension now particularly a grotesque humanoid creature residing in caves or hills or underneath bridges. In folklore an unpleasant creature depicted as both a large or a dwarf.

To go looking in or at trolls flea markets for bargains additionally. Trolling verb because it pertains to web is the deliberate act by a Troll noun or adjective of constructing random unsolicited andor controversial feedback on numerous web boards with the intent to impress an emotional knee jerk response from unsuspecting readers to have interaction in a struggle or argument Trolling on-line boards as described above is definitely analogous to the fishing strategy of trolling the place colourful baits and lures are pulled behind a gradual transferring boat usually. Somebody retains posting snide feedback on the discussion board trolling for a response.

To fish a stretch of water by trolling. Troll verb I or T ANNOY casual to go away an insulting or offensive message on the web with a purpose to upset somebody or to get consideration or trigger hassle. Intransitive transitive troll somebodysomething to put in writing false or offensive messages on the web with a purpose to make different individuals indignant.

Write extraordinarily disagreeable feedback about somebody on-line. To attract a baited line and so on by means of the water usually from a ship. Definition of TROLL verb.

Intransitive verb To path a baited line in fishing. An individual who tries to trigger issues on an Web message board by posting messages that trigger different individuals to argue turn out to be indignant and so on. They stay in caves or on mountains and steal kids.

To fish for by trolling. As a verb to troll means to wander round. In Scandinavian tales a creature that appears like an unpleasant particular person.

A creature that appears like a really massive or very small ugly particular person. 2 troll ˈ troʊl verb. A well-constructed troll will provoke irate or confused responses from flamers and newbies.

In Scandinavian mythology trolls are creatures who appear like ugly individuals. To fish for by trolling. Definition of troll Entry 2 of three transitive verb.

Intransitive verb To maneuver round in an space or go to completely different locations looking for one thing. To roll or trigger to roll. To fish by trolling in troll lakes.

Some trolls are very massive and evil others are small and pleasant however wish to trick individuals. Mock somebody subtly on-line. They confirmed all of the mythological creatures that right here existed unicorns and flying horses fauns and mermaids elves and trolls giants and dragons and lots of extra stunning and harmful creatures she had by no means seen.

To drag by means of the water in trolling troll a lure. Verb In case you troll someplace you go there in an informal and unhurried approach. Intransitive verb To fish for by trailing a baited line from behind a slowly transferring boat.

In Scandinavian mythology trolls are creatures who appear like ugly individuals. A troll often flames threads with out staying on subject not like a Flamer who flames a thread as a result of heshe disagrees with the content material of the thread. Somebody trolled me every single day this week every time posting the identical obnoxious message on my weblog.

An individual who on a message discussion board of some kind assaults and flames different members of the discussion board for any of a lot of causes corresponding to rank earlier disagreements intercourse standing ect. Stroll someplace in a relaxed approach. You could have heard of a trolley which is a automobile that helps you journey round a metropolis.

Intransitive verb To fish in by trailing a baited line. Intransitive verb In case you troll someplace you go there in an informal and unhurried approach. Archaic to sing a chorus refrain and so on or of a chorus and so on to be sung in a loud hearty voice.

Troll v late 14c to go about stroll later early 15c roll backward and forward trundle most likely from Previous French troller a looking time period wander to go in quest of sport with out goal Fashionable French trôler from a Germanic supply evaluate Previous Excessive German trollen to stroll with quick steps from Proto-Germanic truzlanan. They stay in caves or on mountains and steal kids. The phrase troll extra typically refers to something that repeats itself frequently.

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