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Xenophobic comes from the Greek and actually means worry of strangers though after we discuss somebody who’s xenophobic had been speaking about somebody who has transformed worry into hatred or contempt. Formal disapproval Xenophobic nationalism is on the rise.

Dictionary Definition Xenophobia Xenophobia Means Dislike Of Or Prejudice Towards Individuals From Different International locations Uncommon Phrases Dislike Prejudice

Xenophobia n a worry of foreigners or strangers.

Definition of the phrase xenophobic. Excessive dislike or worry of foreigners their customs their religions and so on. The 21-year-old website defines xenophobia as worry or hatred of foreigners individuals from completely different cultures or strangers And it plans to increase its entry to incorporate worry or dislike of customs. ˌzenəˈfəʊbɪk displaying an excessive dislike or worry of individuals from international international locations.

COBUILD Superior English Dictionary. Typically individuals who discriminate in opposition to foreigners or really feel very strongly that nobody must be allowed to immigrate to their nation are additionally known as. In the event you dont need any international individuals in your city then youre xenophobic.

An early instance of xenophobic sentiment in Western tradition is the Historic Greek denigration of foreigners as barbarians the assumption that the Greek individuals and tradition had been superior to all others and the following conclusion that barbarians had been naturally meant to be enslaved. Xenophobic definition regarding or exhibiting worry or hatred of foreigners individuals from completely different cultures or strangers. Stalin was obsessively xenophobic.

As with a lot of our English phrases xenophobia has many meanings relying on how it’s used. Somebody who’s xenophobic is abnormally hostile towards foreigners. Really you’re each appropriate.

Worry hatred or distrust of that which is international particularly strangers or individuals from completely different international locations or cultures. Xenophobia definition an aversion or hostility to disdain for or worry of foreigners individuals from completely different cultures or strangers. In the event you describe somebody as xenophobic you disapprove of them as a result of they present sturdy dislike or worry of individuals from different international locations.

It’s not that previous. Zɛnəfoʊbiə uncountable noun. Adjective Having or displaying a dislike of or prejudice in opposition to individuals from different international locations.

Xenophobia Psychiatry An abnormalmorbid worry of strangers or foreigners. There have been outbursts of xenophobic violence. Xenophobia and nationalism may be seen as a response to the rise of globalization.

Definitions of xenophobia from WordNet. The assaults have been described by police as racist and xenophobic. Formal a simply and tolerant society which rejects xenophobia and racism.

Worry and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of something that’s unusual or international. Xenophobia worry or hatred of strangers or foreignershas the feel and appear of a phrase that has been within the English language for tons of of years borne of the tumultuous political climates of the Renaissance and the penchant that many writers again then had for fashioning fancy new phrases from Latin and Greek. Like all the pieces in our language the meanings have been bastardized to adapt to political correctness and the twisted outlook of a lot of our supposed intellectuals.

Racism nationalism bigotry isolationism Extra Synonyms of xenophobia. Xenophobia is powerful and unreasonable dislike or worry of individuals from different international locations. By the way xenophobia is a worry of foreigners or of the outsider.

Medical Definition of xenophobia.

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