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A weighty service provider of Boston. 1 the quantity that one thing weighs.

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Quantity a factor weighs.

Definition of the phrase weight. The weightier cares of sovereignty. In physics weight is a exact measurement based mostly on the pressure that gravity exerts on a mass. The unrelieved weight of an inert mass.

A system of models for expressing heaviness or mass. Quantity a factor weighs. Supporting the burden of your physique or a constructing.

The quantity that one thing or somebody weighs. Weight That means – The standard of being heavy. Phrases ending with Weight.

Used particularly in some Latin American international locations for the aim of assessing import duties. This decreased the burden of the load. Weigh definition to find out or confirm the pressure that gravitation exerts upon an individual or factor by use of a stability scale or different mechanical machine.

The load of an individual or factor is how heavy they’re measured in models akin to kilograms kilos or tons. Having or exerting affect energy and so forth. The pressure that gravitation exerts upon a physique equal to the mass of the physique instances the native acceleration of gravity.

Weight refers back to the heaviness of an individual or object. A unit of avoirdupois weight generally equal to 100 kilos 45359 kilograms within the US. Weight definition the quantity or amount of heaviness or mass.

What’s your peak and weight. A statistical coefficient assigned to parts of a frequency distribution to be able to characterize their relative significance. To search out the burden of Use a scale to weigh the apples.

To have weight or a specified weight It weighs one pound. That property of our bodies by which they have an inclination towards the middle of the earth. The impact of gravitative force- particularly when expressed in sure models or standards- as pounds- grams- and so forth.

Due to a again situation Im not allowed to raise something with a weight of over 10 kilos. Poundage required to be carried by a horse in a handicap race. Countable a heavy object used to carry one thing open or down.

Weights and Measures countable a bit of metallic or the like that’s recognized to be of sure mass and is utilized in weighing on a stability or scale. The quantity {that a} factor weighs. A unit of heaviness or mass because the pound.

The load positioned on dangerous outcomes was far bigger than the burden positioned on value. A ships load together with the whole weight of cargo gasoline shops crew and passengers. A chunk of metallic of recognized heaviness that may be.

2 the standard or state of being necessary. To consider as if weighing He weighed their probabilities of successful. Weights and Measures a system of models for expressing heaviness or mass countable a desk of weights and measures.

Supporting the burden of your physique or a. Weight coaching definition is – a system of conditioning involving lifting weights particularly for energy and endurance. Additionally referred to as cental quintal.

The usual or established quantity {that a} factor ought to weigh. Turkeys can attain monumental weights of as much as 50 kilos. Noun plural hundredweights as after a numeral hundredweight.

Entry 1 of two 1 a. Noun the burden of merchandise itself plus that of its speedy wrapping materials however not of the surface delivery container. One of many courses into which contestants in a sports activities occasion are divided in accordance with physique weight.

The quantity or amount of heaviness or mass.

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