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The quantity obtained by dividing one amount by one other. In 45 3 15 15 is the quotient.

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A specific diploma or quantity of one thing.

Definition of the phrase quotient. A level price quantity or extent of one thing. The reply after we divide one quantity by one other. IQ definition is – a quantity used to precise the obvious relative intelligence of an individual.

The variety of instances one amount is contained in one other. Definition of kind quotient. Differential quotient definition by-product def.

Being wealthy doesnt truly enhance your happiness quotient. Quotientnoun the quantity ensuing from the division of 1 quantity by one other and exhibiting how typically a much less quantity is contained in a higher. Quotient Definition Illustrated Arithmetic Dictionary Illustrated definition of Quotient.

Quoties how typically what number of instances fr. The results of dividing one quantity by one other 3. Quotient definition the results of division.

The results of dividing one quantity by one other 3. Quotient n the quantity obtained by division. Center English quocient from Latin quotiēns quotient- what number of instances from quot what number of.

Quotient n the ratio of two portions to be divided. Thus the quotient of twelve divided by 4 is three. The quotient is most continuously encountered as two numbers or two variables divided by a horizontal line.

Dividend divide divisor quotient. The numerical ratio normally multiplied by 100 between a check rating and a regular worth. The quantity ensuing from the division of 1 quantity by one other.

The ratio of the breast-high diameter of a tree to the diameter at some increased level. The ratio normally multiplied by 100 of feat age to chronological age. Kwoʊʃənt Phrase types.

Countable noun usu sing usu n N N of n Quotient is used when indicating the presence or diploma of a attribute in somebody or one thing. A bunch whose parts are the cosets of a traditional subgroup of a given group known as additionally issue group First Recognized Use of quotient group 1893 within the that means outlined above. The magnitude of a specified attribute or high quality the celebritys likability quotient is excessive.

The phrases dividend and divisor refer to every particular person half whereas the phrase quotient refers back to the entire. A specific diploma or quantity of one thing. The island has a excessive quotient of latest age therapists.

The variety of instances one amount is contained in one other. Countable Arithmetic the results of division. How one can use IQ in a sentence.

See okay w o- in Indo-European roots American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language Fifth Version. Abbreviation for emotional quotient a notional measure of someone’s adequacy in such areas as self-awareness empathy and dealing sensitively with different folks equalization the digital balancing of sound frequencies on audio recording tools or hi-fi to cut back distortion or obtain a selected impact Phrase Origin for EQ. The job brings with it a excessive quotient of stress.

Whenever you divide 12 by 6 the quotient is 2.

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