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Transitive To dignify or increase by an act of favour. Whereas all these phrases imply a disposition to indicate kindness or compassion grace implies a benign angle and a willingness to grant favors or make concessions.

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To embellish or add magnificence to one thing A number of marble statues grace the courtyard.

Definition of grace verb. To confer dignity or honor on The king graced him with the rank of a knight. The freely given unmerited favor and love of God. When an individual or object graces a spot or factor they make it extra engaging.

Class and fantastic thing about motion type expression or proportion 2. The dictionary gives two primary definitions for grace. Additionally referred to as state of grace.

Make one thing extra engaging pleasing or fascinating. Definition of his saving grace within the Idioms Dictionary. Learners definition of GRACE.

The affect or spirit of God working in people to regenerate or strengthen them. The situation of being in Gods favor or one of many elect. We sat at a small desk graced with a vase of recent flowers.

That he desires to indicate favor to us. His saving grace phrase. A advantage or excellence of divine origin.

Her face has graced appeared on the duvet of many magazines. Definition of grace Entry 2 of two transitive verb 1. Most theologians will outline grace as unmerited favor However we have to be cautious to not interject a theological bias into the textual content.

Be part of group or go to occasion. The desk had as soon as graced a dukes drawing room. A easy and delightful high quality She strikes with the pure grace of a ballerina.

That God is gracious would imply that he’s favorably inclined towards us. To do what’s greatest for us. Definition of GRACE verb.

Grace definitions – Which means of Grace – 6 Verbs make extra engaging by including decoration color and many others. Uncountable noun If somebody strikes with grace they transfer in a clean managed and engaging manner. What does his saving grace expression imply.

A delightful or charming high quality 3. Music So as to add grace notes cadenzas and many others to. The granting of a favour or the manifestation of goodwill esp by a superior.

Embellish the room for the celebration beautify your self for the special occasion synonyms. Extra examples – conceal examples Instance sentences – Conceal examples. By the grace of God When is charity a extra applicable alternative than grace.

Grace somebodysomething She is likely one of the most interesting gamers ever to have graced the sport. To carry honour to somebodysomething. Gracious the Hebrew phrase channun in its verb type means to be thoughtful to indicate favor.

To brighten and dignify. Goodwill or favour 4. To be type sufficient to attend or participate in one thing.

Class finesse poise ease Extra Synonyms of grace. Transitive To provide with heavenly grace. Some frequent synonyms of grace are charity clemency leniency and mercy.

Grace one thing to make one thing extra engaging. Embellish decoration embellish adorn beautify. However when somebody says they had been late to the airport and solely made it onto their aircraft by the grace of God theyre speaking about grace within the context of Gods favor.

Having or exhibiting grace in motion form or proportion. Grace generally refers to a clean and pleasing manner of transferring or a well mannered and considerate manner of behaving. A debut album of unusual grace and sweetness Matters Look c1.

Definitions by the most important Idiom Dictionary. He moved with the grace of a skilled boxer. Uncountable a sexy high quality of motion that’s clean and finished with management.

So first we have to perceive what the English phrase grace means exterior of theology.

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