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A scenario through which folks teams or international locations are concerned in a severe disagreement or argument a battle between two cultures The violence was the results of political and ethnic conflicts. Countable uncountable a state of disagreement or argument between folks teams international locations and many others battle over conflicts over wage settlements battle between the battle between custom and innovation in battle with someone regular youngsters who’re in battle with their mother and father politicalsocialindustrial battle social and political battle within the Nineteen Thirties the.

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With regard to psychology the battle of differing or contrastive feeling -based or inspirational drives in the identical individual.

Definition of battle noun. Weapons and tools for conflict. An incompatibility as of two issues that can’t be concurrently fulfilled. Entry 1 of two 1.

Quotations The battle between the federal government and the rebels started three years in the past. A battle is a wrestle or an opposition. From Longman Dictionary of Up to date English.

Countable uncountable battle between A and B battle over one thing bounce to different outcomes. My class conflicts with my going to the live performance. If two beliefs concepts or pursuits are in battle they’re very completely different.

Learners definition of CONFLICT 1. Bounce to different outcomes. A battle over water rights.

Late Center English from Latin conflict- struck collectively fought from the verb confligere from con- collectively fligere to strike. The artwork or science of warfare. Preventing between teams or international locations.

A interval of such armed battle. Conflict1 ˈkɒnflɪkt ˈkɑːn- W3 AWL noun 1. There’s a battle between what they’re doing and what you need.

A state of disagreement or disharmony between individuals or concepts. An lively disagreement between folks with opposing opinions or rules. The noun is by way of Latin conflictus a contest.

Troopers armed and outfitted for conflict. Battle countable and uncountable plural conflicts A conflict or disagreement usually violent between two or extra opposing teams or people. The account of 1 eyewitness conflicted with that of the opposite.

Relations arguing over differing concepts on a topic is an instance of a confliction. Indignant disagreement between folks or teams. A battle is a severe distinction between two or extra beliefs concepts or pursuits.

Noun a state of often open and declared armed hostile battle between states or nations. Definition of CONFLICT noun. In the event you and your finest pal each fall in love with the identical individual you’ll have to discover some option to resolve the battle.

Battle comes from the Latin phrase for hanging however it isnt all the time violent. Struggle battle conflict an armed battle. OPAL W OPAL S.

Be contradictory at variance or in opposition. The violence was the results of political and ethnic conflicts. Battle can come up from opposing concepts.

A scenario through which two or. A wrestle for energy property and many others. Antagonistic state or motion as of divergent concepts pursuits or individuals a battle of rules.

The definition of confliction is a battle or robust disagreement. Aggressive or opposing motion of incompatibles. Scenario involving two opposing issues.

A scenario through which folks teams or international locations disagree strongly or are concerned in a severe argument. Battle definition to come back into collision or disagreement.

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