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A gruff burly clumsy bad-mannered or impolite particular person. To bear an expense.

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To attend upon somebody or one thing.

Definition of bear reference. 1 to help or maintain up. Many males who do not need one or all of those traits outline themselves as bears making the time period a really free one. Noun plural bears particularly collectively bear.

2 to carry or convey. To be affected person with somebody or one thing. In male a bear is usually a bigger or overweight hairier man who tasks a picture of rugged masculinityHowever in San Francisco throughout the Seventies any bushy man of no matter form was known as a bear till the time period was appropriated by bigger males and different phrases had for use to explain bushy other-shaped males resembling otter slim cub younger bear on the way in which or wolf bushy medium construct.

Bear a relationrelationship to To have an affiliation with or relevance to. The pressure will need to have been monumental however she bore it nicely. Definition of bear a resemblance.

1 phrasal verb If somebody or one thing bears downon you they transfer rapidly in direction of you in a threatening manner. 4 previous participle born in passive use besides when foll by. Bear N S a local of the mountain areas of Western Asia ceaselessly talked about in Scripture.

Bear with somebody or one thing. Bears got here out of the wooden and destroyed the kids who mocked the prophet Elisha 2 Kings 224. Phrase A persons’ proper to bear arms is their proper to personal and use weapons as a way of defensea nation the place the best to bear arms is enshrined within the structure.

David defended his flocks towards the assaults of a bear 1 Samuel 1734-37. Mammals any of varied animals resembling the bear because the ant bear. 2012 Farlex Inc.

By to present beginning to. See full dictionary entry for arm. Advance A gaggle of half a dozen males entered the pub and bore down on the bar.

There are numerous subtypes of bears like a polar bear which is a older bear with white hair. To look quite a bit like another person She bore a resemblance to her aunt. Any of the plantigrade carnivorous or omnivorous mammals of the household Ursidae having large our bodies coarse heavy fur comparatively brief limbs and nearly rudimentary tails.

That comment bears no relation to the matter at hand. Bear a resemblancelikingsimilarity to To be just like. Bear reference to v bear on be involved with concern cross-refer to need to do with pertain to consult with relate to.

Nevertheless the phrase Bear means many issues to totally different individuals even throughout the bear motion. It sometimes describes a situation by which securities costs fall 20 or extra from current highs amid widespread pessimism and. Some bears have embraced transgendered in addition to non-gendered people Segens Medical Dictionary.

Any of varied animals resembling the bear because the ant bear. A bear market refers to a decline in costs often for a number of months in a single safety or asset group of securities or the securities market as an entire. Bear definition is – any of a household Ursidae of the order Carnivora of huge heavy mammals of America and Eurasia which have lengthy shaggy hair rudimentary tails and plantigrade ft and feed largely on fruit plant matter and bugs in addition to on flesh.

3 to take settle for or assume the duty of. 2 phrasal verb To bear downon one thing means to push or press downwards with regular stress. Particularly via difficulties Please bear with me for a second whereas I attempt to get this straightened out.

Seem or perform like. Bear verb ACCEPT B2 T to just accept tolerate or endure one thing particularly one thing disagreeable. A bear market is when a market experiences extended worth declines.

The commonest definition of a bear is a person who’s bushy has facial hair and a cuddly physique. Mammals any of the plantigrade carnivorous or omnivorous mammals of the household Ursidae having large our bodies coarse heavy fur comparatively brief limbs and nearly rudimentary tails. In distinction a bull market is when.

1 A subculture in gaybisexual male communities with occasions codes and culture-specific identification that hinge round a hypermasculine identification 2 A member of a subculture of gaybisexual males who’s bushy and sometimes bearded. Vb bears bearing bore borne primarily tr. As bears are sometimes older males cubs are youthful ones.

City Dictionary has the. V P on n Additionally V P.

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