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However the need for a deeper understanding of the forest and its creatures led him again to Moscow to review zoology. 1 The scientific examine of the behaviour construction physiology classification and distribution of animals.

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The examine of and seek for animals and particularly legendary animals equivalent to Sasquatch normally with a purpose to consider the potential for their existence Different Phrases from cryptozoology Instance Sentences Study Extra about cryptozoology Different Phrases from cryptozoology.

Definition which means of zoology. The scientific examine of animals. How do you employ ASCONOID in a sentence. What are synonyms for ASCONOID.

Zoologist in American English. Zuːˈɒlədʒɪ zəʊ- noun Phrase kinds. The science or department of biology coping with animals.

A treatise on zoology. Zoology zoʊˈɒlədʒi is the department of biology that research the animal kingdom together with the construction embryology evolution classification habits and distribution of all animals each dwelling and extinct and the way they work together with their ecosystems. It encompasses all facets of scientific information about animals like embryonic growth evolution conduct ecological distribution and classification.

Zoology examine of animals and Microbiology examine of microorganisms. The examine of animals together with their classification construction physiology and historical past. The scientific examine of animals and their behaviour examine biology botany Matters Schooling c1 Scientific analysis c1 Biology c1.

Zoology or animal biology is the sector of biology that includes the examine of animals. This huge topic of science includes the utilization of myriads of biology phrases that are important to be comprehended accurately. The scientific examine of animals particularly their construction 2.

Olivet ˈɒlɪvɛt noun. The animal lifetime of a specific area. Folks concerned within the science area encounter innumerable jargons throughout their examine analysis or work.

The properties and very important phenomena exhibited by an animal animal sort or group. A department of biology involved with the classification and the properties and very important phenomena of animals. What’s the definition of ASCONOID.

Of or regarding animals or animal life. What’s the which means of ASCONOID. See definitions examples.

Zoology n science of animals 1660s from Fashionable Latin zoologia from Greek zoion animal from PIE root gwei- to dwell -logia examine see -logy. A pupil of or specialist in zoology. Phrase of the day.

Copyright 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. The phrase zoology comes from the Greek phrases zōion which means animal and logos which means the examine of. The time period is derived from Historic Greek ζῷον zōon ie.

The fauna attribute of a specific area. Animal life as of a area. Zoology in British English.

A scientific listing of the animals of the Bible contains representatives of the principal orders of mammals birds and r. Adjective of or regarding zoology. Animal and λόγος logos ie.

Definition and meaningZOOLOGY zo-ol-o-ji. The zoology of the Pleistocene. Referring to or involved with animals.

From trendy Latin zoologia from zoo- from Greek zōion animal -logy. Websters New World Faculty Dictionary 4th Version. Oxford English and Spanish Dictionary Synonyms and Spanish to English Translator.

The zoology of Alaska. Zoology often spelled zoölogy is the department of biology that pertains to the animal kingdom together with the construction embryology evolution classification habits and distribution of all animals each dwelling and extinct. The organic traits of a specific animal or animal group.

The animal lifetime of a specific space or interval. Of or regarding the science of zoology. The department of biology that offers with animals and animal life together with the examine of the construction physiology growth and classification of animals.

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