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Uncountable noun The gravity of a state of affairs or occasion is its excessive significance or seriousness. The definition of gravitas is seriousness dignity and good conduct.

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A situation of weightlessness.

Definition gravity in a sentence. Legislation of gravity in a sentence 1. Acceleration in a sentence. English Language Learners Definition of gravity.

Acceleration utilized in a sentence. An entire sentence at all times incorporates a verb expresses a whole concept and is smart standing alone. Newton found the power of gravity when an apple was pulled down from the tree he was sitting below.

Falling objects obey the regulation of gravity. The floor gravity can be excessive over 50 instances that of Earth. For those who assume we will enhance please write us at E-mail To Searchsentences.

Europes financial centre of gravity shifted northwards. Digital absence of gravity broadly. Quick Easy Instance Sentence For Gravity Gravity Sentence.

Not in technical use a controllable power that may be made to behave towards the power of gravity. Gravity definition is – dignity or sobriety of bearing. A really critical high quality or situation.

The power that causes issues to fall in the direction of the Earth. The situation of being grave or critical technical. Gravity in a sentence 1.

The state of being critical or vital. An instance of gravitas is how a president acts when whereas giving a speech. Examples of Gravity in a sentence.

It might even be expressed as a a number of of the Earths commonplace floor gravity g 980665 ms2. After that there was no extra gravity and ceremony. A situation in area by which solely minuscule forces are skilled.

The antigravity drive on this spaceship will allow us to achieve Polaris. From the Cambridge English Corpus The power of gravity just isn’t solely ubiquitous but additionally accelerates all terrestrial objects at a continuing charge. The gravity of her face was her reply.

An instance of gravity is whenever you throw an apple up within the air and it falls to the bottom. There’s a form of gravity about him. An instance of gravity is a really critical sickness.

Arrows would proceed to fly ahead perpetually in a straight line have been it not for gravity which brings them all the way down to earth. Gravity is a pure phenomenon. Gravity is a type of magnetism.

Examples of tips on how to use zero gravity in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs. On this web page we’re exhibiting appropriate methods to put in writing. An apple falls down due to gravity.

It’s involved with gravity and measure. Abbreviation g the power that pulls objects in area in the direction of one another and that on the earth pulls them in the direction of the centre of the planet in order that issues fall to the bottom when they’re dropped Newtons regulation of gravity see additionally centre of gravity zero gravity. Within the regulation of the tides gravity is the necessary systematic issue and the small unsystematic elements embody variations in climate.

The power that pulls objects in the direction of the middle of the Earth. Sentences Cell Underneath the affect of gravity bubbles are buoyant and rise. My middle of gravity is decrease and I’ve that quickness.

Our daughter had begun to understand the gravity of the state of affairs. The power of gravity is towards the fliers. The best way to use gravity in a sentence.

The pure power that tends to trigger bodily issues to maneuver in the direction of one another. Which means of GRAVITY OF in a Sentence by wordsmith Printed December 6 2016 Up to date November 9 2018 Definition. All objects are topic to gravity.

Though gravity pulls objects to the middle of the Earth this power just isn’t current on the moon. Gravity is the power that causes issues to drop to the bottom. I dont assume you understand the gravity of the state of affairs.

Not in technical use counteracting the power of gravity. From the Cambridge English Corpus. I actually had not identified the gravity of the state of affairs.

Floor gravity is measured in items of acceleration which within the SI system are meters per second squared. The definition of gravity is the power that causes every little thing that goes as much as fall again all the way down to Earth or is a phrase used to explain seriousness. The floor gravity of the Earth is 9780 ms2 or 9780 cms2 in cgs items.

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