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A bunch of zealous devotees. See the total.

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8 synonyms of cult from the merriam webster thesaurus plus 16 associated phrases.

Cult definition merriam webster. Cult definition merriam webster. Subcult definition is – a cult that’s half of a bigger cult. As such faith scholar Megan Goodwin outlined the time period cult when it’s utilized by the layperson as typically being shorthand for a faith I dont like.

Be taught Extra The Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary On-line entry to a legendary useful resource Log In or Signal Up Our Dictionary. How you can use anti-cult in a sentence. An curiosity adopted with exaggerated zeal.

Any of assorted Melanesian spiritual teams characterised by the assumption that materials wealth reminiscent of cash or manufactured items may be obtained by way of ritual worship Examples of cargo cult in a Sentence. On this sense it has been thought of a subjective time period used as an advert hominem assault towards teams with differing doctrines or practices. Different Merriam-Webster Dictionaries Websters Unabridged Dictionary Nglish – Spanish-English Translation Visible Dictionary Browse the SCRABBLE Dictionary.

Anti-cult definition is – opposing discouraging or prohibiting spiritual cults. Extra examples – disguise examples Instance sentences – Conceal examples. A state of affairs through which individuals admire and care about one thing or somebody very a lot or an excessive amount of.

A small spiritual group that isn’t half of a bigger and extra accepted faith and that has beliefs regarded by many individuals as excessive or harmful. An historical cult that centered on the worship of the earth because the supply of all life. In Christian phrases a cult is a non secular group that denies a number of of the basics of biblical fact.

Basically a cult is a gaggle that claims to belong to a selected faith however misrepresents any core educating that might stop a believer from being saved in accordance with that faith. Fertility cult definition is a system of nature worship involving rites and ceremonies believed to make sure productiveness of crops animals and folks and sometimes directed towards the propitiation of a particular deity. A small spiritual group that isn’t half of a bigger and extra accepted faith and that has beliefs regarded by many individuals as excessive or harmful.

A state of affairs through which a public determine reminiscent of a political chief is intentionally offered to the individuals of a rustic as an awesome one that needs to be admired and beloved Be taught Extra about character cult. How you can use incult in a sentence. English Language Learners Definition of cult.

Within the English-speaking world the time period cult typically carries derogatory connotations. In accordance with Merriam-Webster a cult is solely a system of spiritual beliefs and ritual. Definition of character written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learners Dictionary with audio pronunciations utilization examples and countnoncount noun labels.

How you can use subcult in a sentence. Learners definition of CULT. Its physique of adherents.

Fast definitions from WordNet cult noun. A state of affairs through which individuals admire and care about one thing or somebody very a lot or an excessive amount of. 2 a physique of beliefs and practices relating to the supernatural and the worship of a number of deities.

Incult definition is – coarse uncultured. A system of spiritual beliefs and rituals Dedicated to the cultus of the Blessed Virgin noun. Peyote cult definition is – an American Indian spiritual society or type of worship centering across the sacramental use of peyote.

The right dictionary for taking part in SCRABBLE – an enhanced model of the best-selling e book from Merriam-Webster. Adherents of an unique system of spiritual beliefs and practices.

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