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Loudly cheerful enthusiastic or approbatory. Feeling or exhibiting robust and energetic assist for an individual trigger and so on.

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From Historic Greek ζῆλος zêlos zeal jealousy from ζηλόω zēlóō to emulate to be jealous.

Primary definition of zealous. Enthusiastic passionate earnest burning Extra Synonyms of zealous. Characterised by or displaying a frenetic pleasure or power. 42 Examples of Zealous in a Sentence.

Definitions and That means of zealous in English zealous adjective. Zealous is the adjective for the noun zeal keen partisanship. Resolute and steadfast in ones will or ambition.

She was one of many presidents most zealous ardent supporters. She was a zealous employee for charitable our bodies. An avid sports activities fan.

Zealous – marked by energetic curiosity and enthusiasm. Was captivated with taking ballet classes. Learners definition of ZEALOUS.

Exhibiting nice power and enthusiasm for one thing particularly since you really feel strongly about it. Zealous vigilance cherish their official political freedom with fierce jealousy Paul Blanshard. Jealous Extra Instance Sentences Be taught Extra about zealous.

Exhibiting enthusiasm or robust ardour. Maintain scrolling for extra. Derived from the Greek work zelos to be zealous means to have an ardor or fervor of spirit There may be an power and an enthusiasm about ones religion.

It will possibly have a barely unfavorable connotation and individuals are typically described as overzealous which means they struggle too laborious. Marked by fervent partisanship for an individual a trigger or a super. Somebody who’s zealous spends quite a lot of time or power in supporting one thing that they consider in very strongly particularly a political or non secular supreme.

An instance of zealous is a preacher in an lively church. Zealousadjective – full of or characterised by zeal. An ardent opponent of the struggle.

Enthusiastic – having or exhibiting nice pleasure and curiosity. Enthusiastic eager keen avid zealous eager as mustard. Warmly engaged or ardent in behalf of an object.

Avid Instance – an avid sports activities fan. An individual who zealously advocates an ideology. Envy Extra Instance Sentences Be taught Extra about jealousy.

Enthusiastic crowds crammed the streets. The believer is keen to embrace pursue or. Feeling or exhibiting robust and energetic assist for an individual trigger and so on.

Marked by energetic curiosity and enthusiasm Synonyms. Formal bounce to different outcomes. A jealous disposition angle or feeling a wedding destroyed by jealousy petty jealousies.

He was a current Catholic convert and really zealous. Crammed with or characterised by zeal zealous missionaries. Zealous advocacy to defeat the legislation in court docket is commendable.

Different Phrases from zealous Zealous vs. The latter has an extended e however zealous has a brief one. Heres an inventory of comparable phrases from our thesaurus that you should utilize as an alternative.

Maintain scrolling for extra. The definition of zealous is having passionate power for a perception or goal.

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